Our Aim

To relieve poverty by the distribution of food. 

Our purpose

The charitable purposes from the 2005 Act which are applicable are:


(a) the prevention or relief of poverty

(f)  the advancement of citizenship or community development

(i)  provision of recreational facilities, or the organisation of        recreational activities

(n) the relief of those in need





The Benefits of What We Do


Eat Up collects food from numerous sources and distributes the food to other charities and organisations. Opening access to the food for free. 

Eat Up collecting food makes it much simpler for retailers to organise and donate their surplus food. We also accept pallets of food with our one pallet a month campaign

We deliver the food to different community organisations who provide food directly to those in need, many of which are (as identified in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation). We deliver to soup kitchens, family support groups, community resource centres, food banks, pantry's over four council areas, Renfrewshire, Glasgow, South and North Lanarkshire

We are working towards food security. 

Donations can be delivered to

Eat Up 

10 Mc Neil Drive,

Eurocentral, Holytown,


An example of our work is below


The Star Project Community Fridge


Renfrewshire council recently published 


Local Child Poverty Action Report Renfrewshire 2018/2019. Available at: 


"Working with partners such as Eat Up, we will work to increase the availability of community food in Renfrewshire. Tackling the dual issues of food poverty and food waste we will ensure community groups know where how and to access food supplies, and support them with relevant advice and promotion.  

Page 23 Paragraph 9.31 (Community Food)