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Registered Charity Number : SC048548

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Our Aim

Eat UP’s aim are to eliminate food waste, relieve food poverty and in doing so help save our environment.

Our purpose

To collect surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste and landfill, and distribute it to local charities and community organisations that feed the hungry.

The Benefits of What We Do

We provide more food for hungry families than charities and organisations can do on their own because collect from numerous sources and we distribute the food based on their needs, which means better choice and less waste.

We collect donations from 4 retailers: Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Lidl and Sainsbury’s and a number of local outlets. This provides more food and a greater variety of food available to hungry families.

A single organisation collecting makes it much simpler for retailers to organise and donate their surplus food, reduce their waste collection costs and offset greenhouse gases. We save the stores money and help them achieve their food waste and environmental impact targets.

We deliver the food to different community organisations (listed below) who provide food directly to those in need, many of which are (as identified in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) in the most deprived areas in Scotland. We deliver to soup kitchens, family support groups, community resource centres, food banks and could help many more.

We never charge the businesses who donate or those organisations we supply food to for any of the services we provide.



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Currently, all our donors and outlet organisations are within a few miles of our bases in Hillington and Kinning Park, covering Paisley, Renfrew Pollock and south-west Glasgow.

Many of those we support say they would not be able to access the food they need, nor manage to serve the community as fully as they’d like if it wasn’t for the support we provide.



Our Journey

In Eat UP’s first 10 months, we collected donations from two stores of one retail chain, providing over 4,200 meals to those in need.

Within our first year as a registered charity (since July 2018), we have more than doubled this result. All of this has been achieved with zero funding, just the dedication and good will of our community volunteers.

We have a warehouse unit that will soon become our first food hub. All surplus food donations will be received and sorted there, then dispatched to our outlet organisations, trying as much as possible to match their needs, making the whole process more manageable and efficient.

The hub will become the blueprint for future hubs and replicated in neighbouring communities. We have built strong relationships with our donors and know we can collect from more stores as we grow, involving and supporting more communities across Scotland.

When we first started collecting food donations, we found that many organisations providing food to those in need were struggling to maintain a consistent supply of food to meet their demands. This was mostly due to time constraints and the fact that their opening hours were in conflict with many of the donor’s collection times. Many of these organisations offer a range of community activities that require the staff’s full attention, be it running a shop, a family support group or children’s activities. They have the facilities and the connections with the local community, however struggle to get food from the donor to the community.

Eat Up has grown consistently since its inception and this is largely due to a group of like-minded individuals, made up of academics, people with business acumen and volunteers with a variety of skills, all from within our community, who give their time and energy to a cause they believe in. The encouragement and support from the local community and the organisations from which we collect and supply goes a long way to keeping us focused on our goals.

The Community Fridge Paisley












We supply food to:

Paisley Community Fridge & Cabinet, Star Project (Paisley),
Barnado’s Threads (Paisley), Crookston Community Group, Foxbar Resource Centre (Paisley), Pollock Community Cabinet,
SAUWS (Paisley), Kingston Centre, Tannahill cafe. 


We are setting up a community fridge Dalmarnok and the foodbank at Hillington. The Hillington one will be trailed over Christmas. 


Food wise we will take donations of:


Tinned food









Non Food 


Christmas Trees and decorations


Toys and Gifts that will help make some ones Christmas better.


Any boxes or empty hamper baskets that we could use to make food parcels up in. 


Bicycle trailers that can be used with a bicycle to deliver food. - we have ten bikes and each needs a trailer. The ones we use are the trailers for the kids, they are great for moving food in. 







All can be delivered to the warehouse at

435 - 437 

Hillington Road

Hillington Park


G52 4B

The Star Project Community Fridge

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