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Van Campaign

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Hey there! In 2020 Eat Up bought a van to help with the pandemic demands. The charity worked relentlessly through the covid 19 crisis supplying charities with food for those in need, The van has become a vital part of the service that we provide and although we do not always advertise the work we do, we as a group work endlessly to support people in our community. Across three council areas we are reaching people with food and furniture. Let's look at some examples of how our van plays an integral part of our work. The van moved on average 10000 pounds worth of food each week. The pandemic increased the demand and Eat Up rose to meet that demand. By helping up to 17 charities a week with food. It worked out over 30 different charities a month with supplies. Eat Up ran its operations from the warehouse it had in Hillington industrial estate. It was a big success. Catastrophe hit on the way to a food drop. The van's engine blew up on the M8 motorway. This was a disaster as the charity lost the van for a few months. Fortunately, the Homeless Project Scotland stepped in and loaned a van to the charity. Since then the charity obtained a replacement van which is second hand, the replacement van is older and won't last forever, It is already rusting. This is why we are reaching out for help. Where are now at the stage where we need a new van. Eat Up has been moving everything it can in the van which is not ideal. The latest cost to repair and get it through its MOT e

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