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Scotscan is a new from the Scotcoin development team. It solves the problem of high transaction fees on The Ethereum Mainnet by allowing Scotscan user’s to send Scotcoin (see tokens to another Scotscan holder for no fee.
Apart from Send, other features include :-
Scan N Pay, where you can scan another Scotscan user’s QR code from the “receive” button.
The Deposit function allows you to receive Scotcoin into your Scotscan from your Ethereum and finally “withdraw” allows you to withdraw Scotcoin back into your Scotscan account into your Ethereum and on to exchanges. Scotcoin is hopefully going to be added to exchanges in the last quarter of 2021.
Scotscan is also in a web format at


any questions then email

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The Scotcoin Project is a Community Interest company registered in Scotland (SC427322). We act as the treasury for Scotcoin, a cryptocurrency operating in the Third Sector with a focus on provision of food, clothing and shelter for those most in need in their communities.

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